Krishnas in Estonia

This film is my first real attempt at ethnographic filmmaking in the tradition of observational cinema. I spent 2 months filming Hare Krishnas in Tallinn, Estonia. I used a damaged canon 5d mark ii with a shotgun mic, and a … Read More

An Imaginary Japan

I wanted to find a place like the places where music can sometimes bring me, inside of my mind when my eyes are closed. The feeling of far away places, science fictions, imaginary worlds: the feeling of them … Read More

Sketches of Northern India: I Took a Street Photo of the Dalai Lama

and I traveled over 2300 kilometers by car and bus across Northern India, starting in Delhi, where I was expertly scammed booking a flight to stay on a houseboat in Kashmir. The feel in Delhi often consists of … Read More

The Ghost Tower

Riding on Bangkok’s elevated trains, coursing above the chaotic streets like roller coasters around the tops of buildings, one can’t help but notice that Bangkok is a city of endless concrete towers. It is no surprise that naturally … Read More

Myanmar: A Land Lost in Time

According to Global Finance magazine, Myanmar is the 23rd poorest country in the world. It is certainly the poorest country to which I have ever been. With a population of over 50 million, I’ve never seen so many people living with … Read More

Blooming into Now: Hanami in the Japanese Gardens of Kyoto

The Japanese celebration of the cherry blossom’s ephemeral nature is called HanamiHanami is more than merely a celebration of falling blossoms. It is a sometimes drunken celebration of individual humanity, the coming into being of each of us, and … Read More

Why it’s Hard to Live a Normal Life

Maybe I’ve had a normal life? But for the last few decades, I’ve thought a lot about why life is pointless.

The Sun and the Earth spinning on their strings from the center … Read More

The Void Looks Back: My Experience in a Thai Mall during a Pipe Bombing

Needless to say, it was strange to be at a Thai mall during a pipe bombing. On February 1st I stood in the middle of the ground-floor food-court at Siam Paragon shopping mall in Central Thailand, one of … Read More

The Last Days of Ukrainian Crimea: A Romantic Journey across Yalta, the Week before Russia Invaded

We knew something was happening when the boyfriend of the lady who we were renting a room from told us we better leave Crimea or we might not be able to get out. No one on the street knew for … Read More