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Krishnas in Estonia

This film is my first real attempt at ethnographic filmmaking in the tradition of observational cinema. I spent 2 months filming Hare Krishnas in Tallinn, Estonia. I used a damaged canon 5d mark ii with a shotgun mic, and a … Read More

Sketches of Northern India: I Took a Street Photo of the Dalai Lama

and I traveled over 2300 kilometers by car and bus across Northern India, starting in Delhi, where I was expertly scammed booking a flight to stay on a houseboat in Kashmir. The feel in Delhi often consists of … Read More

Myanmar: A Land Lost in Time

According to Global Finance magazine, Myanmar is the 23rd poorest country in the world. It is certainly the poorest country to which I have ever been. With a population of over 50 million, I’ve never seen so many people living with … Read More

Why it’s Hard to Live a Normal Life

Maybe I’ve had a normal life? But for the last few decades, I’ve thought a lot about why life is pointless.

The Sun and the Earth spinning on their strings from the center … Read More

The Last Days of Ukrainian Crimea: A Romantic Journey across Yalta, the Week before Russia Invaded

We knew something was happening when the boyfriend of the lady who we were renting a room from told us we better leave Crimea or we might not be able to get out. No one on the street knew for … Read More