Invisible Mountain-146

These photographs were taken in Hong Kong in late October 2014 during the Umbrella Revolution, or Umbrella Fight Movement. The movement is a mass uprising of primarily students to protest the lack of universal suffrage in Hong Kong, or China’s insistence on government pre-selecting all candidates for the general election. The protests in Hong Kong, which at the time of these photographs had been taking place for approximately one month, were occurring in three different areas of the city: Mong Kok, Admiralty, and a lesser protest in Causeway Bay. The protests consist largely of students engaging in classic “sit-in,” or camp-out activity in the middle of main roadways. The Causeway Bay encampment, which is not pictured, consists of a small portion of a street in what might be compared to the equivalent of the Times Square area of New York City. The Mong Kok encampment involves the occupation of several large city blocks of main commercial thoroughfare on Nathan Road in the heart of the city. Admiralty is the main encampment of hundreds of tents on a small highway directly in front of Hong Kong’s Central Government Complex, which houses the Legislative Council Complex and the Office of the Chief Executive, Cy Leung, who the protesters have called-upon to resign. The movement became known as the Umbrella Revolution in late September 2014, in reference to protesters use of umbrellas to deflect tear-gas canisters that police launched at protesters in the early stages of the protest.

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